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International 10 : Australian History: Migration to Australia

Requested by Helen McCall

Migration and Refugees and Asylum Seekers : Books : TIGS Library

Australia's immigration debate, edited by Justin healey.
    [ Book ] 304.894 HEA    Healey, Justin.
        Published 2002

The multi-cultural experiment: immigrants, refugees and national identity, edited by leonie Kramer.
    [ Book ] 305.80994 KRA    Kramer, Leonie Ed.
        Published 2003

Millions of migrants: seeking asylum and a better life.
    [ Book ] 325.21 MIL
        Published 2002

Refugees and asylum seekers, edited by Justin healey.
    [ Book ] 325.210994 HEA    Healey, Justin.
        Published 2003

Refugees and illegal immigrants by Justin healey.
    [ Book ] 325.210994 HEA    Healey, Justin.
        Published 2000

Refugees, edited by Justin healey.
    [ Book ] 325.210994 HEA    Healey, Justin.
        Published 2009

C'mon over: the phenomenon of child migration from Tilbury to Sydney from 1921-1965
    [ Book ] 325.94 HOW    Howard, Ann, 1942-
        Published 2002

Refugees, by Jessica perini.
    [ Book ] 325.94 PER    Perini, Jessica.
        Published 2003

Migrants and refugees, by Kate Armstrong.
    [ Book ] 362.84 ARM    Armstrong, Kate.
        Published 2006

Nomad : a personal journey through the clash of civilizations
    [ Book ] B ALI    Hirsi Ali, Ayaan, 1969-
        Published 2010

Boy soldier
    [ Book ] B BIL    Bilkuei, Cola.
        Published 2010

Caroline Chisholm : 'the emigrant's friend'
    [ Book ] B CHI    Steele, Liz.
        Published 1996

The happiest refugee : the extraordinary true story of a boy's journey from starvation at sea to becoming one of Australia's best-loved comedians
    [ Book ] B DO    Do, Anh.
        Published 2010

Zlata's diary
    [ Book ] B FIL    Filipović, Zlata.
        Published 1994

The dragon's journey
    [ Book ] B NGU    Nguyen, Duy Long.
        Published 2006

Tales from a suitcase : the Afghan experience
    [ Book ] CB 305.8915 DAV    Will Davies & Andrea Dal Bosco.
        Published 2002

Chili the refugee
    [ eBook ] Digital Resource    Black, Angus.
        Published 2011

Soraya the storyteller, by rosanne hawke.
    [ Book ] F HAW    Hawke, Rosanne.
        Published 2004

Jameela, by rukhsana khan.
    [ Book ] F KHA    Khan, Rukhsana.
        Published 2010

The prisoner: a tale of wartime refugees, by penny McKinlay.
    [ Book ] F MCK    McKinlay, Penny.
        Published 1998

From Asia
    [ Book ] J 304.8 BRA    Brasch, Nicolas.
        Published 2008

From the Middle East and Africa
    [ Book ] J 304.8 BRA    Brasch, Nicolas, 1961-
        Published 2008

Mohammed's journey
    [ Book ] J 325.21 ROB    Robinson, Anthony, 1949 Sept. 8-
        Published 2009

Parvana's journey
    [ Book ] MF ELL    Ellis, Deborah.
        Published 2002

Shauzia, by Deborah Ellis.
    [ Book ] MF ELL Female Voice    Ellis, Deborah.
        Published 2003

Boy overboard
    [ Book ] MF GLE    Gleitzman, Morris, 1953-
        Published 2002

Girl underground
    [ Book ] MF GLE    Gleitzman, Morris, 1953-
        Published 2004

Mahtab's story
    [ Book ] MF GLE    Gleeson, Libby.
        Published 2008

Refugee : the diary of Ali Ismail, Woomera 2001-2002
    [ Book ] MF MY    Sunderland, Alan.
        Published 2006

Refugee boy
    [ Book ] MF ZEP    Zephaniah, Benjamin.
        Published 2001

The little refugee
    [ Hardcover ] PB DO    Do, Anh.
        Published 2011

The colour of home
    [ Book ] PB HOF    Hoffman, Mary.
        Published 2002

Ali the bold heart, by Jane jolly.
    [ Book ] PB JOL    Jolly, Jane.
        Published 2006

Ziba came on a boat, by Liz lofthouse & illustrated by Robert ingpen.
    [ Book ] PB LOF    Lofthouse, Liz.
        Published 2007

A true person, by gabiann marin & illustrated by jacqui grantford.
    [ Book ] PB MAR    Marin, Gabiann.
        Published 2007

Dancing the boom-cha-cha boogie, by narelle Oliver.
    [ Book ] PB OLI    Oliver, Narelle.
        Published 2005

Map of dreams
    [ Book ] PB SHU    Shulevitz, Uri, 1935-
        Published 2008

Immigration since 1788 : the making modern Australia
    [ Book ] S 304.894 MAC    Macleay, Victoria.
        Published 2011

The atlas of human rights : mapping violations of freedom worldwide
    [ Book ] S 323 FAG    Fagan, Andrew, 1966-
        Published 2010

Why are people refugees?
    [ Book ] S 325.21 SEN    Senker, Cath.
        Published 2007

Immigration and asylum
    [ Book ] S 325.21 TEI    Teichmann, Iris.
        Published 2002

Peoples and nations of Asia : a short history of each mainland country in Asia
    [ Book ] S 950 FAI    Fairfield, Sheila.
        Published 1987

The making of modern Australia
    [ Book ] S 994 MCI    McInnes, William.
        Published 2010

No more borders for josef, by Diana chase.
    [ Book ] SF CHA War    Chase, Diana.
        Published 2006

No safe place
    [ Book ] SF ELL War    Ellis, Deborah, 1960-
        Published 2011

Walk in my shoes, by alwyn Evans.
    [ Book ] SF EVA Female Voice    Evans, Alwyn.
        Published 2004

The sacrifice
    [ Paperback ] SGN MUT    Mutard, Bruce.
        Published 2008

The island
    [ Book ] SPB GRE    Greder, Armin.
        Published 2007

Home and away
    [ Book ] SPB MAR    Marsden, John, 1950-
        Published 2008

Migration Policy Institute

Vietnamese migrants to Australia : YouTube video

Australian National Maritime Museum website

through time...

1975 Tu Do

Refugee Boat

In the late 1970s thousands of Vietnamese fled the new communist regime, escaping the country in small boats.....

Store owner Tan Lu had fought with the South Vietnamese during the war and believed his family faced a bleak future under the new communist regime. In 1975, he pooled resources with several friends from the island of Phu Quoc and built a boat. To divert suspicion Tu Do (Freedom) was constructed as a dragnet fishing vessel typical of the region.

In September 1977, Tan staged an engine breakdown. A powerful replacement engine was installed and the group of 39 passengers, including Tan’s pregnant wife Tuyet and three children Dzung (6), Dao (4) and Mo (2) struggled across the tidal mud flats to the waiting vessel. Tuyet had crushed sleeping pills into her children’s food to quieten them and disaster almost stuck when several hours out to sea, they realised Dzung had been left behind. Despite quarrels with his panicked passengers, Tan returned to find her, crying and mosquito bitten in the mangroves....

The vessel managed to outpace pirates in the Gulf of Thailand and docked in Mersing, Malaysia where eight exhausted passengers disembarked. Tan had relatives in the United States, but after weeks of wrangling with US Immigration officials, opted to re supply and set sail for Australia. On 21 November 1977, Tu Do finally made landfall in Darwin. Tan and his crew had navigated more than 6,000 kilometres using a map from a school atlas and a simple compass.

(The Vietnamese) ... were Australia’s first ‘boat people’ whose arrival and acceptance both reflected the dismantling of the White Australia Policy and encouraged further reforms.