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ABC of Higher Order Thinking Skills matched with 21st Century technologies: Libguide Home

21st century technologies can be used to improve learning outcomes IF they are matched with learning tasks and assessments which are worded so they demand Higher Order Thinking Skills

Linking Higher Order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.S) with 21st Century technologies

  • Libguide Home
  • HOTS and Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Interpret high-quality ANIMATIONS
  • Construct a BIBLIOGRAPHY
  • Select and justify inclusion of BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION
  • Reflect on own learning using a BLOG
  • Experiment with BOOLEAN SEARCHING
  • Transform written text into DIAGRAMS
  • Compare GRAPHS
  • Analyse the value of HISTORIC SOURCES
  • Explore rich, fully INTERACTIVE WEBSITES
  • Stimulate questions about a new topic with a JIGSAW
  • Examine the META-LANGUAGE of a topic
  • Defend the contents of a MINDMAP
  • Encourage MUSICAL responses to non-CAPA topics
  • Create NARRATIVES to demonstrate understanding
  • Write POETRY about scientific topics
  • Create and reflect upon an interactive POSTER
  • Use a SCAFFOLD to formulate an argument
  • Justify information included in/excluded from a SLIDESHOW
  • Support an argument with spatial STATISTICS
  • Compare how we live with others via STATISTICS
  • Experiment with a THINKING GUIDE
  • Convert information into a TIMELINE
  • Use VIDEO to communicate a message
  • Use VIDEO to stimulate debate
  • Appraise VIRTUAL EXCURSIONS for learning
  • Evaluate information in WEB PAGES

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