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ABC of web 2.0 tools for students and their teachers: What is web 2.0?

What are web 2.0 tools?

"(Web 2.0 technologies) can be used by students or teacher to collect content, share it, comment on it or re-use it.... Using these tools can increase student engagement and lend more authenticity to student projects and assignments".

Dartmouth College,


"Web 2.0 (is) characterised by user participation, openness, and network(s) opposed to Web 1.0 which was “read only” , Web 2.0 includes blogs, podcasts, wikis, photo-sharing, social bookmarking, collaborative document tools, instant messaging, mash-ups, and really simple syndication (RSS), among others... collaboration enhances learning by helping students “understand questions, develop arguments, and share meaning and conclusions among a community of learners”.

Pacific Northwest Library Association,


"Web 2.0 (is)  —a more socially connected Web in which people can contribute as much as they can consume....(They) provide a technological foundation for delivering services to the user through the browser window .....rather than the desktop.....(Web 2.0 has) much more of a social angle to it. Collaboration, contribution and community are the order of the day .....(Web 2.0) facilitate(s) a more socially connected Web where everyone is able to add to and edit the information space...".

Anderson, P, 2007, 'What is Web 2.0? Ideas, Technologies and Implications for Education', JISC Technology and Standards Watch, February.

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